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Project Influence


Project Influence is a 7 day intro-to-recovery course that shows you how you can make major changes to your relationship with an addicted loved one, by aligning with your values, and showing up as a positive influence in their life. The course includes training on how to identify what it means to be a positive influence, the steps for creating a positive influence plan, and tools for executing the plan. Project Influence is designed for partners and families of those struggling with addiction. This is NOT designed to be done with your struggling loved one. This program is for YOU. When you sign up for Project Influence you get A powerful self-help tool to help you identify your true values. Lessons to support your loved one toward recovery through an interactive program. Exercises to identify your values and live accordingly, with greater control and without the anxiety of regret over your decisions. New techniques to break through negative patterns and become the person you deserve to be. Greater clarity on how to support others in their recovery journey and spread positivity around you. A must-have resource for those who find themselves trying to care for someone who is unmotivated to recover, it has the latest research and strategies on building empathy and communication skills. Provides guidance through informational resources, treatment choices, and understanding relapse. A series of exercises to guide you in understanding the dynamics of your relationship

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