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The Recovery Revolution

Healing the pain of addiction and mental illness starts with each and every one of us. We can all be a part of healthy recovery, by leading by example, learning as much as we can, and prioritizing our own recovery journey.

The Recovery Revolution Programs

The Recovery Revolution is Cory's mission to empower the partners and loved ones of those who struggle with addiction, toward becoming powerful advocates for change, healing, and improved addiction recovery rates. She believes that we are well overdue for a paradigm shift, in the way we as a society confront the issues of addiction and mental health.

The Recovery Revolution was born of the need for a functional, conscious alternative to common 12-step recovery models. It is founded on The 7 Active Principles of Conscious Recovery - a foundation of values Cory was inspired to assemble, through her study into the basic truths of human behavior and consciousness. The Recovery Revolution programs emphasize the empowerment of partners, friends, and families, as the first-responders and greatest assets to successful addiction recovery.

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Project Influence: 7-Day Intro 

Project Influence is a 7 day intro-to-recovery course designed to help you learn the fundamental relational skills to be a more positive influence over loved ones who may be struggling. If you feel you've lost control over your reactions, you know you're not putting the best into your relationship, and you want to learn to get back to who you WANT to be, Project Influence is the place for you to start.

In this program we learn how to design our lives around our values, debunk common myths about addiction, and learn the basics to LEAD the path to recovery with your family and loved ones.

Heal For Real: A New Program for Partners and Families

Heal for Real is a 6 month virtual recovery incubator for partners and loved ones of those struggling with substance abuse, addiction, and mental illness. 

This program was created by Cory Martin, with special guest coach Leslie MacNabb of Rise with Recovery. Over the course of the 6 months in this program, participants will learn emotional regulation skills, how to process triggers in a healthy way, relationship repair, addiction recovery support skills, and be guided along a process to design a new life of empowerment, peace, stability, and joy, regardless of the recovery status of the person in their life who is struggling.

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