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What does it mean to "Heal for Real"?

Heal for Real is our 6 month recovery program for partners and families. But why did we name it that? What does it actually mean?

Healing for real means understanding that the pain of life occurs in cycles. That there is no “finish line” to healing, but that we are always experiencing suffering in the present moment, even if those experiences are memories of the past.

Healing for real means learning and applying tools and emotional regulation skills, like mindfulness, journaling, self-inquiry, and daily habits that can be applied in any and every future conflict, crisis, or moment of pain, so that we don’t have to always live our lives in fight or flight.

Healing for real means digging into the central truth of existence, of the nature of being, and of our emotional and mental experiences, relying on our own commitment to learning and growing as our primary source of accountability, so that we can live an independent life dedicated to HEALTH (the word healing refers to) instead of a life dedicated to dysfunction.

Healing for real means NOT selling our futures to the reliance on others who may define us as a pathology. It means denying the necessity of transferring lifelong dependency onto a therapist, coach, or sponsor (my goal is for you to NOT need me after you finish your coaching with me - because you will have all the answers you need, and for those you don’t yet know, you will have renewed trust in your ability to find them).

Healing for real means breaking through the illusion that you are powerless, crazy, victimized, or damned on the basis of your natural human flaws, while recognizing the opportunity for behavioral improvements within your daily habits and lifestyle adaptations. It means discovering freedom within truth, and discipline within honesty.

Healing for real means restoring your sense of trust and stability within your own self. Trusting your decisions, trusting your judgment, trusting your safety, trusting your intuition, and trusting your ability to go back and get elbow deep in the muck of your pain, all over again if need be, without losing yourself.

There will still be pain. There will still be bad days. There will still be tragedy, and crises, and mistakes.

But my goal is for you to be able to live a life from a place of HEALTH. There is a healthy way to confront the painful realities of existence. There is a healthy way to struggle. There is a joyful way to grieve.

This is what it means to Heal for Real.

That’s what’s inside of Heal for Real. This is what it’s about. Real solutions, practical results, no bullshit recovery for partners and families of those who are struggling with addiction.

Schedule a chat with me to find out if Heal for Real is right for you.

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