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Save on 1:1 coaching sessions with Cory (private offer)

$800 Bundle includes FOUR 1:1 sessions for YOU at the member discount, plus FOUR 1:1 sessions that you can gift to your loved one 

What you'll get:

* 4 hours of 1:1 coaching for H4R members

* 4 hours of 1:1 coaching to be transferred to a loved one or non-member

* Redeem sessions within 6 months of purchase

Four of these are NON transferable sessions which can only be used by you, and four are transferable sessions (which can be gifted). That means you can give four of these sessions to friends or family - EVEN if they're non-members.

If you've ever wanted to give the gift of coaching to yourself or others, now is the time to do it.

This bundle is ONLY available to existing Heal for Real members, however if a friend or family members wants to get started in coaching, these sessions ARE transferrable to non-members. I know, right?

If you're on this page you've been sent a secret link to purchase a 1:1 coaching bundle that includes 8 sessions, which can be "stored" and used for yourself during your time in Heal for Real, 4 of which can be given to a friend or family member.

This is a great solution for anyone who's looking for additional support as a couple or needing an extra leg up on your own recovery process, without breaking the bank.

Limit 1 Bundle per customer.


Do I have to be on the call with my loved one for them to attend the sessions?

No, unlike our standard 1:1 policy, you are able to give these sessions to be freely used by your loved one at any time of their choosing. If they’re on board immediately, we can set them up with a temporary account where they can book and access their sessions. If they still need time, these sessions can be “banked” to be gifted by you in the future.

Do I have to gift my 4 transferable sessions, or can I use all 8 myself?

No, you don’t have to gift them, you can keep them to yourself. However, under normal policy, member discount sessions are not able to be booked by non-members, so your loved one would not be able to access discount sessions without enrolling in a full program or attending coaching calls with you. This is the best way to set them up for success WITHOUT “over-giving” or sacrificing your own financial wellbeing, because the price for your 4 sessions remains the same as always.

What if I decide to transfer now and then change my mind and don’t want to gift them?

You can totally do that! We can set the sessions aside and you can wait until you know how you feel, all 8 sessions are yours to do with what you please. The option to transfer any of the 4 BOGO sessions is totally up to you. They can also be used as couples sessions, just like your regular member discounted sessions.

So let me get this straight, this is 8 sessions for $800? 4 of which are transferable to non-members?

Yep! That’s $100 per hour session. Based on the differing cost of non-member and member sessions, this is a total discount of $1,600 if you had purchased sessions separately.

Black Friday Buy One GIVE One Coaching Bundle

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