Meet Cory Martin

Founder of The Recovery Revolution and creator of the Heal for Real Program for Partners and Families
Hi, I'm Cory. I'm not a doctor, I'm not a therapist, and I'm not a 12 step sponsor. I'm a comedian. And that's what makes me different. Addiction and comedy go together like bacon and eggs. I can count on one hand the people I know in the industry who don't struggle with addiction or mental illness. Safe to say, I've seen more addiction, more recovery attempts, and more tragic endings than your average bear (or your average therapist). If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years connecting with countless other funny men and women who struggled with addiction and mental health, it’s this: What we think we know about addiction and recovery is often NOT true, and what we are taught by a majority of mental health professionals is NOT helping to improve the recovery outcomes of the hundreds of millions of people who are affected by addiction. I'm on a mission to change the way we respond to the addiction epidemic, by taking a different approach than most in the recovery industry. After years of my own struggle with loved ones in addiction, I finally learned what worked and what didn't. I spend my free time learning, taking continued education courses, and watching lectures from thought leaders and researchers in the fields of addiction, psychology, philosophy and neuroscience. My primary focus as a coach is on codependency recovery coaching, and support for partners and loved ones of those who struggle with addiction. After experiencing the successful recoveries of friends, family and loved ones, as well as my own recovery from addiction and codependency, I took my experience, passion, and insight and founded The Recovery Revolution, an alternative to 12 step recovery. The Recovery Revolution was born of the need for a functional, conscious alternative to the popular 12-step recovery models. It is founded on The 7 Active Principles of Conscious Recovery, a set of guiding principles distilled from what I've learned to be fundamental truths of compassion and understanding for the nature of existence as human beings. I believe partners, friends, and families are on the front lines of the addiction epidemic, and are crucial assets to successful addiction recovery. It is in OUR education, growth, and healing that we can start to truly create change for ourselves and our loved ones. If you love someone in addiction and need support or resources, check out my free workshop for partners and families at the link below.
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