Free Workshop

Heal Your Relationship with a Loved One in Addiction... Even If They've Said They'll NEVER Get Sober!

(Without Spending YEARS in Support Groups and THOUSANDS on Therapy)

In this Powerful Video Training You Will Discover:

  • The missing keys to motivating their recovery... even if your loved one REFUSES to get sober!

  • New tools to help you let go of resentment and REPAIR your relationship before they even start their recovery process.

  • The right way to heal from the trauma caused by their addiction behavior, that doesn't require them to apologize or get sober first.

  • The right way to heal from the trauma caused by their addiction behavior, that doesn't require them to apologize or get sober first.

  • PLUS learn the truth about why therapy and support groups haven't helped, and find out what's been proven to work the best - that most therapists don't even know about.

FUN RECOVERY FACT: You may have been told that "They have to want it" and there's nothing you can do. Modern research has proven this to be false! Partners and families CAN make a big difference by starting their own recovery work before the person in addiction ever decides to get sober. Don't believe me? Watch the free workshop to learn the truth based on decades of research, and what that means for your relationship.
"My partner has seen me grow and heal, and it has inspired him to begin taking steps toward his own growth and healing…The life I want and dream of is here. I greet each day with joy and gratitude." Heal 4 Real client, Jess
Cory Martin, Founder of The Recovery Revolution and creator of the Heal 4 Real recovery program for partners and families of people in addiction.
Cory Martin is the founder and coach behind The Recovery Revolution, a company on a mission to provide the support, education, and solutions to partners and families of people struggling with addiction. Partners and families are on the front lines, and can be the biggest allies when it comes to recovery. They are also in great need of support, themselves. But if you love someone in addiction, you've probably spent countless hours looking for useful resources, only to come up mostly empty handed, or see those "tips" blow up in your face when you try them at home. Cory's support for partners and families of people in addiction has helped hundreds of people navigate difficult situations and transform their lives for the better. With her unique blend of humor, compassion, insight, and wisdom, Cory empowers individuals to develop and improve their relationship skills, fostering deeper connections and creating meaningful lives.
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