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What others are saying:

"Heal for Real has totally changed our entire relationship for the best."

"Before I started Heal for Real my life was full of anxiety. Through coaching inside of Heal for Real, I've learned how to support my partner in addiction in a healthier way without going crazy. I now have healthier boundaries and a plan for the future for myself as well. Heal for Real has totally changed our entire relationship for the best. Definitely join the program, it will change your life!" E.H.

"Cory has a great insight...and perspective"

Cory has great insight and always has a great perspective on any issue you deal with when living with an addict who is seeking recovery. In this program you'll find compassion and understanding in a way I have not found in any other support group such as Al Anon. I think it's a fabulous program for anyone that has loved one who is struggling with addiction in their family."​ J.B.

"Heal for Real was literally God sent in my life."

"Loving an addict is like being trapped on the rollercoaster of insanity. Heal for Real was literally God sent in my life. The rollercoaster kept going, but I was no longer on it. This program taught me practical tools for finding myself again, taking control of my experiences regardless of what is going on around me, and for living from a place of love, joy, and peace. I recommend Heal for Real to anyone who loves an addict." N.K.

"Heal For Real has saved my life...The life I want and dream of is here."

"When I booked my call with Cory I was at the end of my rope. I had read countless books, tried two different types of support group, listened to podcasts, left and came back a few times, and none of it had worked. I felt hopeless, angry, and stuck. There had to be something better out there, something that actually worked. I had been following Cory for a while, I knew what she did was different, and finally I was ready for that something different. The content of the program is informed and thought provoking. The weekly coaching calls are a source of support and solidarity like I’ve never known. All of it is practical and achievable, and now after completing the program I know I can handle anything life gives me, whether it’s related to my partners addiction or not. My partner has seen me grow and heal, and it has inspired him to begin taking steps toward his own growth and healing. Heal For Real has saved my life. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s true. This program has helped me find myself. It gave me permission to focus on myself for a change, to really discover who I am and who I want to be. In achieving this I was finally able to be free of the worry, fear, and resentment that my partner’s addiction incited in me. I can focus on the things I want out of life rather than desperately trying to get him sober. I have the strength to be a loving, supportive partner and a present, attentive mother. A lot of credit goes to Cory but she’ll never take it. That’s the kind of person she is. The life I want and dream of is here. I greet each day with joy and gratitude. I am happy. I am peaceful. I am strong. " Jessica
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